Goodell and Smith sign new agreement

Goodell and Smith sign new agreement

Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), and DeMaurice Smith, the Players Association Executive Director, have finalized their new 10-year collective bargaining agreement on Friday.

The pair signed the ground-breaking deal in Canton, Ohio a day after players had ratified it.


The agreement will provide owners with a larger share of the NFL‘s $9 billion in annual revenue, offer new safety standards for players, create a rookie salary cap and increase benefits for retirees.

It will also, eventually, make the NFL the first major U.S. professional sports league to use blood testing for human growth hormone.

A fan shouted, “Thank you!” as Goodell and Smith emerged from the Hall of Fame to sign the agreement.

“You’re more than welcome,” Smith responded.

The significance of the setting was not lost on Goodell.

“Any football fan knows how important the steps of the Hall of Fame are,” the commissioner said. “They are even more important now that this agreement was signed here.”

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