Greek Parties Delay Bailout Talks

Greek Parties Delay Bailout TalksOn Tuesday, Greek political parties delayed yet again making the tough choice of accepting painful reforms in return for a new international bailout, The bailout is required for avoiding a chaotic default and Greek parties were seemingly deaf to EU warnings that the euro zone can live without Athens.

Leaders of the three parties in the coalition of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos postponed the crunch meeting until Wednesday.

“We can’t say a plain yes or no unless we have assurances from the relevant authorities of the state that these actions are constitutional and will lead the country out of the crisis,” far-right LAOS leader George Karatzaferis said. “There is time. When it comes to future of the country, we will find the time.”

“We are currently so strong in the rest of the euro zone, in the countries who have the euro, that we can handle an exit of Greece – a Greece which runs into serious trouble,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told Dutch public broadcaster NOS while remarking that the eurozone could live without Greece if it didn’t keep its side of the bargain.

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