How Big Will The Emerging Markets Get?

In the recent few years, the accelerating shift in economic power to emerging economies from developed economies is dramatically changing the global industries across the world.

How Big Will The Emerging Markets Get

This is evident from the fact that while the developed economies of the world are facing the brunt of financial crisis and recession these days, emerging economies including Brazil, Russia, India, and China have been redefining financial and agricultural sectors with ease. It is further estimated that the E7 emerging economies (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, and Turkey) will be around 50 percent larger by the year 2050 than the current G7 (US, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Canada). The fact that China is expected to overtake the United States of America as the largest economy of the world by year 2025 is also a testament of the growing popularity and success of emerging economies.

A recent site update from Neil Haboush online also reveals the same story that emerging markets of the world have demonstrated great potential and growth in the segments of technology and industrialization.

All in all, the recent global financial crisis that shook the world economy indicated very clearly to the world that while countries like the United States of America may not be invincible, emerging markets such as China and India have the potential of making it big to take the top spots.

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