Obama criticized by Manchin over economy

Obama criticized by Manchin over economyA freshman Democratic senator upbraided President Barack Obama on Tuesday saying that the President has failed to provide leadership on a worsening national deficit.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., called on Obama for leading “tough negotiations” on wrapping up last year’s unfinished budget work and said, “right now, that is not happening.”

From Dailymail.com:

“When it comes to an issue of significant national importance, the president must lead,” said Manchin, who faces re-election next year in a state where voters are generally hostile to Obama.

He said he and other senators were struggling to vote on two proposals deemed “partisan and unrealistic” – one calling for $6.5 billion in new cuts that “utterly ignores our fiscal reality” and a second that “blindly hacks the budget with no sense of our priorities or values as a country.”

Republicans will say Democrats don’t go far enough . . . Democrats will say Republicans go too far. The truth is both are right, and both proposals will fail,” Manchin said.

Obama must sit down with leaders of both parties for hammering out a true compromise that represents American families and their values, as per Manchin.

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