Swami Vivekananda was fond of American Icecream and Dal

Swami Vivekananda was fond of American Icecream and DalThe 20th century visionary and founder of the Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Vivekananda, loved lentils, especially the ‘kalai’, a traditional Bengali variety cooked with fennel, salt, slit green chillies, and a pinch of turmeric.

One of West Bengal’s top contemporary writers Sankar, or Manisankar Mukherjee, in his new non-fiction ‘The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda’ has said that Vivekananda appealed to those who were close to him to cook ‘kalaier dal’ for him.

From in.news.yahoo.com:

Sankar, who researched the book for years in libraries and pored through faded newspaper and magazine writings of the time, says ‘it appears that Swamiji was fond of cream too’. Once when he was eating with his companions in the US and they enquired whether he liked strawberries. Swami Vivekananda answered that ‘he had never seen one’.

‘At this, his companions were surprised and amused. They pointed out that the monk had been eating strawberries every day. Vivekananda explained that the strawberries were covered with cream; even stones covered with cream would taste good!’

His American host, the Legget family with whom the seer was boarding in the US discovered that the easiest way to keep him at the dinner table was to announce: ‘There will be ice-cream for dessert’. ‘Then Vivekananda would wait patiently for his ice-cream like a little boy and consume it with great satisfaction,’ Sankar says in his book.

The book that probes the simple childlike man behind Narendranath Dutta alias Swami Vivekananda has been published by Penguin-India.

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