Getting Links to Your Site-Part II

Getting Links to Your Site-Part IIIn the first part of this two-part series, we read about what link building is and how to go ahead with this concept. In this second and last part, we will read more about link building as a rewarding form of marketing.

After link building requests have been made and honored, the business must constantly ensure that there is always something of “great value in offering” to existing and potential link partners. This value can be in the form of free how-to articles, blogs, tools, downloadable PDF content, tips, and more.

It is important to note here that getting links to your site is a continuous process and results cannot be expected in a few days. Moreover, it is the quality of links and not the quantity that matters as irrelevant links can distract and be of no use to the site visitors. For example – If you are running a medicine business and looking for link partners, the list of options should include web links of medical practitioners and health sites and not of shoe companies.

If your business needs dramatic gains, it is best to go for link partnerships with websites appearing on eminent directories such as DMOZ Open Directory, Yahoo!, and MSN. It is worth noting here that custom and not specific email requests should be made to the prospective link partners.

By following these small tips, you can ensure that your website gets quality links on a regular basis without hassles. Remember, link building is an extensive process and should be followed with a sense of great care and diligence.

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