Corporate America Calls for Bilateral Investment Treaty With India

Corporate America Calls For Bilateral Investment Treaty With India

Policymakers were urged by Corporate America to enter into a bilateral investment treaty with India.

America Inc feels that this would be the next key step after the civil nuclear deal to strengthen and deepen trade and business ties between the two largest democracies of the world.


The USIBC announced it will take the lead to develop a working group with its Indian counterparts to trade ideas on the elements needed for a successful US-India economic arrangement, including details about market access in goods, the free flow of services, regulatory coherence, high technology trade, intellectual property rights, procurement and greater movement of professional workers.

In his capacity as USIBC Chairman, McGraw called on business and government leaders in both countries to find ways to work together to build on that momentum and create new economic growth that will lead to more jobs.

“Our two countries have shared values, shared beliefs. The strategic partnership between the US and India rests on the successful growth of commercial ties and I am optimistic we can find areas of cooperation that will lead to more dynamic, two-way growth,” he said.

“India’s growth story is compelling nations around the world to seek stronger commercial ties with India by negotiating their own trade and investment agreements,” said Harold “Terry” McGraw III, chairman, president and CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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