Choco4- A Game Ahead Of The Rest

If you want to relax down at your home or while traveling to your workplace, there is no better option than Choco4, a no-limit game that requires no installation. A truly fun game with a friendly community, this game allows you to play with friends, colleagues, and family members and even gives you the option to meet new players.


One of the best things about Choco4 is that it is a simple connect four-game that can be best described as a classic 2 players game having a grid of six rows and seven columns. A simple-to-play game, it is interesting in the fact that you face a wide range of challenges to win.

The Rules Of Choco4:

The opponent is selected dynamically and one of the players starts the game by placing the ball. Thereafter, all players get alternate turns when placing the balls into their strategically-selected box. All players get 45 seconds of time for analyzing and choosing the box for placing the ball otherwise. If a player fails to analyze and select within the specified timeframe, he or she loses the game.

Players are expected to create a sequence of total 4 with the balls vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. One player, at the same time, will be blocking his or her opponent from creation of the sequence and whosoever first creates the sequence ahead of the rest wins the game. A draw happens when none of the players are able to create a sequence till the end of the game.

Smart Tips To Play Choco4

  • It is always a better option to think about strategy of the game in an optimistic and not passive way.
  • To increase the chances of winning, it is suggested to place the first ball in the center.
  • If someone else has placed the first ball in the center, others should carefully and change their strategy.

So what are you waiting for? Make your first move to a game that is talk of the town these days!

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