Connection Between Cartoons And Eating Habits Of Children

A new research by Cornell University on kids and cartoons has suggested that kids and even some adults become addicted to kids cereal boxes that have colorful cartoon characters on them.

Connection Between Cartoons And Eating Habits Of Children

It was observed by the researchers that many manufacturers of popular cereals use cartoon characters on boxes whose eyes are designed to specifically and purposely look downward from the ledge to make direct eye contact with kids as they wander down the cereal aisle to use their parents. Researchers said this immediate eye contact feels like a close, personal connection to the child.

A current University of Pennsylvania research recently revealed that most parents are aware of the fact that their children are far more prone to select and love eating cereal if there is a popular cartoon character on the box. In cases where there are no cartoon characters in the carton, children tend to more than likely to choose cereal that is labeled as healthful.

According to results of this research, parents should make their children aware of how their choices may be influenced by advertising. This helps children learn ways to make informed decisions that will help them better lifestyle and eating choices. It is recommended that children should eat balanced and whole foods as they prevent cravings for junk food.

In the past, many studies have supported the fact that children do not just have an emotional preference for branded food and they actually believe it tastes better.

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