How to engage customers with marketing strategies

How to engage customers with marketing strategiesEvery business, in today’s cutthroat business world, is heavily occupied with the task of evoking attention of the consumers and retaining their interests towards business products and services.

This is the reason why businesses need to be extra-cautious than ever while choosing and implementing marketing messages for evoking attention of their targeted audience.


From a research perspective we needed to answer a few critical questions: How much time does a consumer allow a marketing element before he/she decides whether or not it matters to them? What are the differences in the decision times across all media and marketing channels? Across all categories? Across all consumer attributes (e.g., age, income)? How are they making their decisions on what matters and what doesn’t matter to them, and what are the implications for brands?

Experience has taught us that every one of our ads faces two critical moments when exposed to a consumer. 1) The Lean Moment: the point at which the consumer decides either to engage (lean in) or disengage (lean out) with the ad. 2) The Decision Moment: the point at which the consumer makes a personal assessment of whether the ad’s message resonates with them (matters) or whether it rings hollow (does not matter).

The time lapse in between the Lean Moment and the Decision Moment is the window of opportunity where we can influence the decision — the time period we call the “6.5 Seconds That Matter.”

But things may go wrong for businesses due to the increasing number of marketing moments and the decreasing ability to truly engage a consumer unless the marketing campaigns are good enough to hold interests and appeal to the consumers.

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