NetBull Keylogger-Benefits Of Undetectable Keyloggers

In today’s cutthroat business environment, every business entrepreneur faces the ordeal task of protecting intellectual property and enforcing acceptable use policies. This is where an advanced computer monitoring software like NetBull comes into the picture.

NetBull Keylogger-Benefits Of Undetectable Keyloggers

Considered to be the best and most undetectable keylogger, NetBull records all computer activity and not just keystrokes. This means that this undetectable keylogger can track every kind of activity that happens on a monitored computer and the list of tracked activities could include keyboard usage, internet browsing, messenger conversations, emails, social media accounts’ activities, programs used, etc. The best thing is that NetBull can be used by organization managers and entrepreneurs to block or restrict user access to specific programs and websites.

This key logger is also popular among parents and spouses to capture and record in stealth mode.

Why You Should Get NetBull Installed At Workplace?

Most employees today believe that activity monitoring on company-issued devices is perfectly acceptable. In a recent survey, it was revealed that employees tend to stop using company-issued devices for personal activities if they knew about a monitoring system in place that cuts down the chances of a phishing scam (that may have penetrated the network). Moreover, proactive entrepreneurs with communicating explanations about their monitoring policies in place command higher respect and their employees have a much higher satisfaction level than employees and organizations where no monitoring system is in place.

As an entrepreneur, you would know (by using the NetBull keylogger) what is happening in your office and you can identify employees and others with malicious intent. Since NetBull logs and reports are delivered via email or FTP, you can keep a close check on every activity within your organization. Remember, entrepreneurs should be proactive and you would be doing no harm to anyone or invading their privacy by getting a keylogger, it is just for protecting the intellectual property of your business.

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