Owners need to shed shyness about marketing

ShynessEven though the benefits of marketing are well known for all of us, yet some business owners are shy about their marketing plans and often fail to take a “new, creative” decision that could take the business to the next level.

While some of the owners are intimidated by marketing, others fear being visible, and some even say that marketing makes them feel insincere.

From boss.blogs.nytimes.com:

Marketing is hard. Believe me, I know. I started my business still enjoying the residual effects of the epidural from my second baby and not knowing what it really takes to get business through the door. Coming face-to-face with marketing the agency was oddly challenging for this closet introvert. I was used to doing it for others, but when it came to positioning my own business as the better ad agency for a job, I stumbled over the humble. At the time, my name was on the door of the agency, which made marketing seem like a self-anointing pageant with the unctuous sheen of too much hair product.

I’ve since taken my name off the door for a myriad of reasons (employees feel more ownership with a neutral name, succession planning is easier and, post-divorce, I’ve parted ways with the old name). After the name change, an interesting thing happened. A switch flipped and I made the mental shift that promoting the agency was not the same as self-promotion, and we were in business to help customers succeed. I began to talk up the agency with more ease, but I wasn’t over-the-top or sales-y.

All in all, a savvy marketing strategy is all required by modern business owners to infuse a sense of credibility among existing and potential customers.

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