Rose Tattoo Meanings-Rose Tattoo Ideas

A rose is more than just a beautiful flower but also a popular choice for men and women when it comes to a tattoo. If you believe that this flower is only about inner and outer beauty or a representation of love, it is time to think again. The rose is considered in tarot as a symbol of balance that also promises new beginnings, hope, and promise.

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Rose Tattoo Meaning

You would also be surprised to know that a yellow rose is used to symbolize protection against envious lovers, joy, and mature love. On the other hand, a red rose represents passionate love, sacrifice, memorial, and romance. Pink roses symbolize first love, innocence, and healing while white roses are known to symbolize a secret admirer, purity, and mysticism. Black roses carry a message of memorial and blue roses symbolize the impossible. Light peach roses stand for friendship and modesty while coral roses represent desires of the heart. Orange roses represent excitement, enthusiasm, and fascination for life while purple roses are for love at first sight and enchantment.

A rose without thorns is a perfect depiction of love while one with thorns is a reminder that love is characterized by certain sacrifices. A rose tattoo with thorns depicts that the person wearing it does not place a huge deal of emphasis on outer beauty while some may consider it as “you can look but you can’t touch.”

If you want to get rose tattoos, you can simply visit your nearest tattoo studio or contact an expert tattoo artist. It is highly recommended that you go through some rose tattoo designs before you make the final decision for the tattoo. Your body is your canvas and you should make the best choices for it. Just get what you want, what your heart desires!

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