Targeting Social Media for Business Expansion

Targeting Social Media for Business Expansion

To market your brand, the best target options are the exposure of social media. The small businesses, in order to climb up the ladder try these social networking sites for making business and expanding. Using online advertising is one of the best tools and creates brand awareness among the social circle.


Small business owners who are highly successful at marketing and innovation differ from the majority in that 39% consider internet technology to be important to their business; 26% use online advertising, more than other businesses (18%); and 72% expect to make a profit from using social media. They are also using social media differently than six months ago with a focus on increased brand awareness: Half a year ago, small businesses were focused on attracting leads with social media (71% vs. 73% in Dec 2009). Now they look to social media simply to build awareness of their organizations (77% vs. 56% Dec 2009). They are also more likely to use social media to stay in touch with their current customers (62%) than six months ago (46%).

They can also target the mobile users since they prefer those sites which are less loaded and take less time to load. Gradually with such concept Bing has overtaken yahoo giving blow to its roots.

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