How To Buy Best Dashboard Camera For Your Car?

Buying a dashboard camera for your car is not just about capturing the odd meteorite it is also about giving a new meaning to vehicle safety. This is simply because dashboard cameras (also known as car cameras, accident records, dash cams, and car digital video recorders) offer seamless videos and loop-cycle recording functions to act as a forceful and solid proof to defend you in case of car accidents or damage.

Vehicle Dashboard HD Cameras

A dashboard camera also proves its usefulness to assist car owners and drivers keep the cars under surveillance in cases of burglary or theft. The benefits of dash cameras can also to be of great help during night and dangerous situations or visits to unsafe places.

By installing vehicle dashboard HD cameras, you can be assured of the fact that events that may happen can be recorded so that you can prove innocence and stay away from wrong accusations. Not only this, these utility cameras can also be helpful to defend yourself against rash driving of others, threatening behaviors, and alcoholic passengers driving other vehicles.

If that was not all, you can also get comfort from the fact that you are driving safely and “watching others.” In addition to these advantages, dashboard cameras can even help you stay aware of safe driving at your end so that good driving habits are nurtured for your own safety and the safety of your near and dear ones.

To buy the vehicle dashboard HD cameras, you can simply go to the internet and search for top-quality yet cheap dash cams. The dash camera should have high resolution video capturing functionality. It is important that the camera should offer exceptional results during the daytime as well the nighttime. The ability to capture good quality video footage at night is what separates the good dash cams from the ordinary ones.

It is also recommended that you make use of powerful and dependable car lights. One of the best options would be the T10 W5W LED Car Side Lights. This is a complete value-for-money product that can enhance your driving experiences on the road.

How To Create And Maintain Strong And Positive Connections?

If you have always wondered about the logic behind the saying, “You get more flies with honey than vinegar,” you will be happy to know that it is all about creating and maintaining positive and strong connections with the smallest of all efforts, like by remembering names and calling people with them frequently.

How To Create And Maintain Strong And Positive Connections

  This is not just because it helps in interacting with people, but it also makes them feel that you still remember them that exude positive vibes. After all, everyone wants to feel important and no one is an exception here.

How To Remember Names

The first step to remember names is all about repeating the name of a person both in the head and out loud as soon as you are introduced. Secondly, you should use the name in the conversations with him or her, as often but not too much. For some people, the thought of associating names with people works. All they do is to search in the moments for something recognizable.

There is no denying the fact that using the name of a person is virtually a key to opened doors for you. Not only this, a strong memory for names can help you maintain an initial rapport that could very soon turn the person for life or long into your friend, associate, colleague, or a lifelong business partner. After all, the great English poet William Shakespeare rightly quoted, “There is no sound so sweet as the sound of one’s own name.” There is nothing better to create a connection than using name of the other person frequently. This not only makes the other person getting acknowledgement from you as “being valued and special”, but it makes them happy to know that you can recognize them even after many months and years.

Mascara Buying Guide-How To Choose Best Quality Mascara

If choosing the right mascara seems to be an overwhelming process for you, here are some tips to apply mascara. These easy-to-follow tips will subtly enhance your eyes without making it appear that you are wearing any kind of makeup at all.

Mascara Buying Guide-How To Choose Best Quality Mascara

There is no denying the fact that mascara remains the quicker and more affordable option for creating the illusion of long and lush eyelashes. However, the options can be confusing with so many mascaras on the market that promise to volumize or lengthen the lashes. Here are some things that you keep in mind when you buy mascara:

If you want to wear mascara all day, it will be best to buy waterproof mascaras for looking good with mascara. It does not matter whether you are sweating or facing the scorching heat. Not only this, a waterproof mascara is just the right and indispensable makeup thing as it allows you to maintain any curl that you want to put into the lashes by an eyelash curler.

If you have very light hair and skin, it is best to use brown mascara so that it does not overwhelm your looks. Otherwise, black rules the mascara world. This is because it gives the best results for a set for thick and full lashes that will envy all.

To buy quality mascara, you can simply visit an online shopping portal that has favorable terms and conditions. It is always recommended to choose products after carefully evaluating 4-6 websites and reading into the details so that you can always be assured of buying the right mascara.

Coke To Cut Up To 2,000 Jobs

The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, has reported that Coca-Cola Co plans to cut 1,000-2,000 jobs globally in the coming weeks.

Coke To Cut Up To 2,000 Jobs

According to the Journal, the job cuts are part of Coke’s $3 billion cost cutting program that was announced by it in October after the company posted a 14 percent drop in third-quarter profits. The Wall Street Journal added job-cut notices will go out to North American staffers by January 8 and international employees will be given a timeline for job cuts by January 15.

The newspaper added the impact is expected to be dramatic at Coke’s headquarters in Atlanta and global regional offices, where more than 10 percent of corporate staff may lose their jobs. It added Coke’s bottling and distribution divisions are largely out of the firing line for now.

A Coke spokeswoman said the company was still figuring out how many jobs it would cut and employees in some eliminated positions may be allowed to apply for other jobs in the company.

Coke raised its cost-savings target in October to $3 billion by 2019 from $1 billion announced in February.

Last week, Wintergreen Advisers, a minority shareholder of Coke, called for the replacement of Chief Executive Muhtar Kent, calling him “incapable of leading Coke’s turnaround”.

Best Second-Day Gain For Wall Street Since 2011

On Thursday, U.S. stocks surged to extend a Federal Reserve-fueled rally from the previous session. The surge also gave the S&P 500 its best two-day advance in three years.

Best Second-Day Gain For Wall Street Since 2011

On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve expressed its commitment to take a “patient” approach toward raising interest rates while signaling it was on track to raise rates in 2015. Analysts said Fed’s announcement offered relief and clarity to investors over the policy outlook.

The S&P 500 posted its biggest daily percentage gain since January 2013. The Dow jumped 421 points and recorded the best one-day percentage gain since December 2011. “The anxiety over the Fed meeting has abated for now, with the Fed using that word ‘patient’,” said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial, which is based in Newark, New Jersey. “You had the beginning of the proverbial Santa Claus rally.” “Some of those who were caught in the meat grinder of what happened with energy … may be wanting to make up for performance now,” Krosby said.

“What happened this week was a game-changer. That easy money trade came to the forefront, and it’s so powerful it wipes out all of these concerns that exist,” said Adam Sarhan, chief executive of Sarhan Capital in New York.

The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI rose 421.28 points, or 2.43 percent, to 17,778.15, the S&P 500 .SPX gained 48.34 points, or 2.4 percent, to 2,061.23 and the Nasdaq Composite .IXIC added 104.08 points, or 2.24 percent, to 4,748.40.

Online Tutoring-A Convenient And Educational Option

Tutoring is a viable option for parents who want academic assistance for their children outside of the classroom. This is where online tutoring or internet tutoring comes into the picture.

online tutoring-a convenient and educational option

This innovative form of educational learning can happen anytime and this is the greatest advantage of online tutoring. Your child is not expected to wait until a scheduled time and day to clear his or her doubts or problems. Moreover, he or she can get instant educational assistance and feedback so that problematic areas of study can be corrected at the earliest.

By doing this, the online tutor encourages the child to raise questions and learn easy-to-follow techniques that in turn promotes good scores. In other words, internet tutoring is all about assisting your child academically by working around his or her busy schedule so that he or she gets good marks. In addition to these advantages, the online form of tutoring saves a valuable time and effort that may have been otherwise spent on commuting. Since the child learns from the tutor from his or her own home, the child feels at ease while the online tutor is imparting subject lessons.

These benefits of online tutoring surely make it the most effective and convenient educational option for students across the world.

Action On Sweeping U.S. Immigration Reform Announced By Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama imposed the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation. By doing this, President Obama eased the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants and setting up a clash with Republicans.

Barack Obama

Obama, in a White House speech, rejected critics from the Republican party who remarked his decision to bypass Congress and take executive action is tantamount to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Obama urged Republican critics to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has blocked.

“Today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it,” Obama said. “It’s been this way for decades. And for decades we haven’t done much about it.”

The plan of Obama would let some 4.4 million who are parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents remain in the United States on a temporarily basis, without the threat of deportation. There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The measure would apply to those who have been in the United States for at last five years.

In his speech, Obama said that the real amnesty would be “leaving this broken system the way it is.” Trying to deport all 11 million people living in the country illegally was not realistic, he added.

“What I’m describing is accountability, a common-sense, middle-ground approach,” he said. “If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. If you’re a criminal, you’ll be deported.”

Fresh Clashes Between Hong Kong Democracy Protestors And Police

On Tuesday, Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clashed with police in the densely populated district of Mong Kok. These @Hong Kong protests marked tensions escalating at one of three remaining demonstration sites for the first time in more than two weeks.

APTOPIX Hong Kong Democracy Protest

Hundreds of protesters were swept by dozens of police armed with batons and shields. Led by a restive generation of students, the protestors are asking China’s Communist Party rulers to fulfill its constitutional promises to grant full democracy to the city which returned to Chinese rule in 1997. In August, the people of Hong Kong were offered a chance by Beijing to vote for their own leader in 2017 but China said only two to three candidates could run after getting backing from a 1,200-person “nominating committee” stacked with Beijing loyalists.

Pro-democracy activists are planning to march this Sunday from the heart of the city’s financial center to the Chinese central government’s liaison office in Hong Kong. Protestors have barricaded important roads leading into Hong Kong’s most economically and politically important districts with wood and steel. The 2014 Hong Kong protests are primarily concentrated in two key areas – the district of Admiralty next to government buildings and across the harbor in Mong Kok.

“The central government firmly supports the Hong Kong government to push ahead the city’s democratic development,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei. “We hope different parties in Hong Kong could discuss the matter reasonably, build consensus and implement the election based on the laws.” “The central government firmly supports the Hong Kong government to push ahead the city’s democratic development,” said spokesman Hong Lei. “We hope different parties in Hong Kong could discuss the matter reasonably, build consensus and implement the election based on the laws.”

U.S. Data Calm Investor Nerves

On Friday, Asian stocks clawed back some of the losses of this week after a robust set of U.S. data claimed turbulence in global financial markets. However, investors were kept on edge with underlying worries about slowing world economic growth.

U.S. Data Calm Investor Nerves

MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan .MIAPJ0000PUS gained 0.2 percent but the Nikkei share average .N225 fell 0.5 percent to 4-1/2-month lows.

“We need to see a period of better data from the U.S., and especially Europe, for markets to really calm and volatility to cool,” said Chris Weston, chief market strategist at IG Markets in Melbourne.

“People still think the U.S. economy is on solid ground. But they don’t think it is strong enough to lead the global economy,” said Hiroshi Ono, the head of equity investment at Sumitomo Life.

On Monday, the Volatility index .VIX, which is viewed as a gauge of investor fears, eased to 25.2 percent from a 2 1/2 year high above 31 percent hit.

“I expect market volatility to gradually to come down. Loss-cutting trades will come to an end soon after a hectic week and markets will be looking to what kind of policy options major countries can adopt now,” said Makoto Noji, senior strategist at SMBC Nikko Securities.

On Wednesday, the U.S. dollar also recovered, with the dollar index stabilizing at 84.950 .DXY, off a three-week low of 84.472 hit. “It was largely a cool-down session, spiced up by solid U.S. data and a surprisingly dovish comment from Fed member Bullard,” analysts at CitiFx wrote in a note to clients.

Growing U.S. Pressure On China Over Hong Kong Protests

China is facing growing pressure from the United States to show restraint during mass pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong issue is also expected to be raised in high-level U.S.-Chinese talks.

hong kong protests

Secretary of State John Kerry would discuss the issue with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi a day after the United States backed calls by thousands of Hong Kong for greater autonomy in selecting candidates for Hong Kong’s chief executive.

“I expect it will come up,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said to reporters, referring to the @Hong Kong protests. “It is in the news. It is an issue we are concerned about and focused on.” Psaki said he believes Kerry will ask that the legitimacy of the Hong Kong chief executive would be enhanced if people have a genuine choice of candidates.


The protesters have called on chief executive Leung Chun-ying to step down and are demanding full democracy. A month ago, Beijing ruled it would vet candidates wishing to run for the leadership of Hong Kong in 2014.

The chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Menendez, accused Beijing of “reneging on the promises it made to the people of Hong Kong.”

“I write today to express my grave concerns over current events in Hong Kong,” in a toughly worded letter to Leung, Menendez said, urging Leung “to exercise your leadership to guarantee that your citizens, the people of Hong Kong, receive the full democratic rights and freedoms that they have been promised and which they deserve.”